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Pacific microelectronics Inc. adheres business to business rule in relations with the clients. Activity in this field implies a high flexibility of conditions of cooperation with each client individually and allows to negotiate additional conditions.


PCB pricing

Our company is ready to provide a free PCB delivery to any city of the Russian Federation where offices of transportation carriers are present.

>Electrical testing of single-sided and double-sided PCB is also performed free of charge.

PCB pricing depends on many factors. The main two factors are: conditions of cooperation and technical parameters.

Conditions of cooperation include terms of payment and delivery, volume and periodicity of orders, points of businesses-to-business contact and more.

Technical parameters involved in pricing are:

  • number of layers, material, accuracy class;
  • presence of milling, scribing, specific contour treatment;
  • presence of electrical control (flying probe, adapter testing);
  • presence of deaf vias in multilayer PCBs;
  • PCB thickness, copper foil thickness, coating type.