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Pacific Microelectronics Inc. is a Taiwan manufacturer of printed circuit boards and electronic modules, one of the largest and the most up-to-date manufacturing facilities in Southeast Asia. For several years, Pacific Microelectronics offers to Russian customers manufacturing services for integrated contract manufacturing of electronics.  




Performing a customized complete cycle of contract assembling works – manufacturing of PCB, mounting of electronic components, assembling and testing of finished products – we have found a perfect formula for optimizing of manufacturing costs. This allows us to produce quickly and efficiently finished products and deliver them to you (for example, printed circuit board is much cheaper than in Russia). In Asia, a rare factory unites so wide range of process operations beneath the same roof. We employ 16 branch offices around the world where you can directly place orders for manufacturing of printed circuit boards and electronic modules.

PCB manufacturing

We produce single-layer and multi-layer printed circuit boards. Highly qualified staff of our company operating modern equipment provides a high quality level. The quality control is carried out in several stages that minimizes fault possibility. All produced printed circuit boards meet technical specifications and standards. Experts check reliability of each PCB. Our company ensures a high level of the products (including PCB) and compliance with deadlines. Placing an order for PCB manufacturing you get the products strictly at the time specified.

Assembling of printed circuit boards

Based on the experience gained during longstanding cooperation with the world leaders of electronics from USA and Japan we solve all the task complex – from manufacturing of PCB and purchase of electronic components to manufacturing of cases and final assembling and testing of the product.

High mobility of our manufacturing provides fulfillment of both large and small orders for PCB manufacturing in accordance with the needs of our customers with quality guarantee.

Regular purchasing of electronic components in large volumes at the world's largest distributors and manufacturers provides optimization of costs for manufacturing of electronic modules. Given that the main cost of an electronic module is determined by the cost of the components, cooperation with us reduces prime cost of your products.

In addition, Russian protective duties just for electronic components create conditions making more profitable assembling at our manufacturing facilities and importing ready electronic modules than including high customs duties for the components in the prime cost under assembling in Russia.

We ensure European quality of our products due to quality control at all stages of the manufacturing and high qualification of our staff. 

We are not represented by dealers and agents but have our own offices in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg. Our representatives will provide you with a professional assistance in finding necessary components for electronic modules. We work with any orders and treat each of them individually. Cooperating with us you can be assured of high quality of not only products supplied by us but of associated services.

In case of any questions please contact us by phone +7 (495) 933-27-37 and +7 (495) 775-01-47 or directly from the site! You can also find on our site answers to the most frequently asked questions about manufacturing and assembling of printed circuit boards.

Headquarters team of Pacific microelectronics

     Headquarters team of Pacific microelectronics

Headquarters team of Pacific microelectronics