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Sales Manager (field: contract assembling) in branch office: Taipei

Job duties:


  1. Finding new customers and maintaining existing customer base.
  2. Approval of an order for manufacturing of printed circuit boards with mounting.
  3. Placement of an order on manufacturing facilities and maintenance of the order until its receipt by the client.
  4. Work with claims.


Requirements for the manager:


  1. Higher technical education in the field of electronics.
  2. Knowledge of the market of consumers of contract manufacturing services.
  3. Knowledge of modern element base and electronic component market.
  4. Knowledge of technical English and ability to carry on correspondence.
  5. Knowledge of basic requirements of GOSTs and international standards for manufacturing of printed circuit boards and their assembling.
  6. To have an idea of work in P-CAD, CAM and Autocad.
  7. Communication and marketing skills. Ability to work in team.
  8. Ability to work for result. Analytical skills. Active life position aimed at finding and attracting new customers and maintenance of existing ones.
  9. Ability to learn.



  • sales experience;
  • availability of elaborated client base.

Send resume to: with a mark "Sales manager vacancy (field: contract assembling)"