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History of the Company


Pacific microelectronics Inc., Taiwan & is a factory specialized in manufacturing of printed circuit boards and electronic modules.

 История компании


About thee decades ago, the global electronics market was divided into developers and manufacturers of the products. In the early 1980s many companies from USA and Europe have found a cheap and convenient manufacturing base in Southeast Asia. Already that time modern factories manufacturing printed boards, cases, keyboards and displays, assembling electronic components were placed in Taiwan. It was in August 1985 when a company manufacturing printed circuit boards – Pacific Microelectronics Inc. – was established. In 1989 the company merged with Yilong Assembly Inc., another Taiwan company assembling electronic components forming own infrastructure for integrated contract manufacturing of electronics. Today Pacific Microelectronics is one of the largest and most up-to-date companies in Southeast Asia. None of the other Taiwan and all the more Chinese manufacturers can boast of such a complete and complex own manufacturing. In Asia, a rare factory unites so wide range of process operations beneath the same roof. At the end of 1990s Pacific Microelectronics entered the Russian market with an offer for manufacturing of printed circuit boards and assembling of electronic components.

Currently, Pacific Microelectronics carries out an efficient cooperation with many organizations in Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. We provide manufacturing services for enterprises occupying leading positions in manufacturing of security systems, telecommunications, medical equipment, cash registers, precise measuring instruments, industrial controllers and consumer electronics. We are grateful to all our clients and oriented to a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. Promotion of successful development of your business is a special honor for us!