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Why us?


We are dedicated to reliable, mutually beneficial, long-term, partner relations and joint development of our clients' business.

Due to extensive experience in the field of efficient organization of large-scale manufacturing and modern engineering base, we can now offer our customers a complex contract manufacturing of products in hundreds of thousands of copies a year.

Why should you choose us?

1. The main thing that our company places an emphasis is quality. Currently, the reality is that a defective product does not satisfy the customer under any circumstances, and price or terms have no meaning.

2. Pacific Microelectronics Inc. creates optimal conditions for cooperation using a rich experience and extensive knowledge in PCB manufacturing. We make distances insignificant due to presence of our experts in the region of the customer and at the manufacturing enterprise.

3. We use modern high-performance equipment. Thanks to experience of our employees, we can produce not only high quality but also cost-competitive products. We guarantee 100% quality of the products at the lowest total costs and strict observance of delivery terms.

4. Partnership is our principle of doing business. Respect and trust is the basis for building relations with the customers. We believe that this policy allows to enhance benefits, both ours and our partners'

5. We like what we do. Solving complex high-tech problems and seeing final results of our work is the best reward for our work.

We work for you!

Office of company  
Office of company

Experience, qualification, manufacturing scale - all this gives our customers confidence in high quality and stable cooperation.