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Mission and strategy


The mission of our company is manufacturing of competitive and high quality electronics for our customers and partners.

We have not chosen this objective incidentally. Currently, there are few small companies on the Russian market which can provide high quality and regular deliveries under mass contract manufacturing of electronics. It is very difficult to find a partner for serial manufacturing of high-tech electronic equipment at a reasonable cost.

Our objective is long-term and mutually beneficial relations with our customers

We have invested all our efforts in development of the production in order to grow a company leader that provides unique and popular services for complex mass manufacturing of electronics.

Our main principles


Our company is certified according to GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008). We provide a strict multi-stage quality control at all stages of manufacturing that allows virtually to eliminate possibility of spoilage. Our principle: none defective product to consumer!


All our employees bring their skills and personal experience for the continuous improvement of our products and services. Thus, they also contribute to the common success regardless of their personal positions in the company.


In our work we apply only advanced management technologies, manufacturing technologies and staff training.

Complex approach

We use a complex approach under manufacturing and supply of end devices. It involves creation of necessary equipment and selection of technological processes under PCB manufacturing, purchase of electronic components and other mechanical parts as well as mounting and assembling of modules. The finished products are equipped with all the things needed (instructions, passport, cables, etc.) and pass the final packing.


We have an individual approach to each client and provide our customers a highly qualified technical support. We work promptly, provide convenient communications at all stages of execution of the order.

Our objective is long-term relations with the

That is why we treat attentively each project and each client.