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Pacific microelectronics offers services for PCB mounting. We are ready to produce printed circuit boards, electronic components purchased by the agreed specifications and to carry out installation of assembly drawing.

Our technological capabilities allow you to perform the installation of components of any complexity (SMD-separates, BGA-ICs). Certified production with modern equipment for the PCB, allows you to quickly fulfill orders of any complexity.
Pacific microelectronics advantage lies in the fact that, complementing large-scale production, we achieve lower prices for electronic components. It is no secret that in Asia as the center of the global electronics manufacturing, flocking all the electronic components. Here they are, as a rule, are produced. Consequently, we have less to wait, and we can buy them cheaper. In order to reduce the cost of your products, our specialists in Russian offices are ready to provide expert assistance in finding foreign counterparts on the domestic radioelements and scarce components.
Another advantage Pacific microelectronics is that only high park our installers SMT has about 50 machines (assembling of element 1 in 0.06 seconds). In addition, our businesses are fully prepared to work in lead-free technology. The newest equipment allows for a mixed installation of various types of components on the motherboard to withstand the temperature profile for each of them and ensure the quality of board-level components with a uniform base.
The equipment operates around the clock. Workload it is much higher than the user having the machine only for its own needs. Consequently, the cost of computer time per unit of production at such loading equipment is minimal.
Pacific microelectronics company takes to manufacture a variety of orders for SMD and DIP PCB mounting. We approach each client individually. At the beginning of the work we will agree with you the specifications, volumes, timing of production and delivery of finished goods, payment terms and price.
All collected for you on our board manufacture are the 100% quality control of the assembly. It uses advanced equipment for optical and X-ray production control Omron, Sony and Panasonic. Additionally, we can do as a test for soldering quality and functional test program for the customer.
Quality of installation boards performed at the level of international standards. Pacific microelectronics gives you a full warranty on the quality of the installation fee and set elements.
That is why cooperation with the Pacific microelectronics - is a great opportunity for you to market competitive products in the shortest possible time, without investing their own money in the production capacity and storage components.

Conditions and procedure for the work on installation fees

For a preliminary assessment of the value of SMD and DIP mounting you should provide a list of elements with the exact number of components for each item and producer, as well as the total area of ​​the printed circuit board with an indication of the material and the number of layers. To achieve the required price you highly desirable to specify the price for the product design.
To finalize the order required an assembly drawing in formatemontazhnye line topology of the PCB (in any format), the data on the need to control specific parameters and guidance about other specific requirements for production.
On request, we can make a reference sample of the electronic module and, after approval, to launch mass production of it. When you start ordering prepayment of 50% of the cost of the work. Other means you pay after receiving notification of the finding of finished goods in a warehouse in Moscow.
Delivery time is consistent in each case, depending on the date of delivery for the production of electronic components as well as the method of delivery to the customer the finished product. The average time is 8-10 weeks. In the case of serial production, we need to agree on the total production, the rhythm of shipments and number of products in each delivery. We guarantee the quality and timelines of delivery of finished products to the customer.
At your request, collected items can be delivered to your address. With long-term cooperation, depending on the method of delivery, terms of payment and amount of the order, we offer discounts and installment payments.

How to Book

If you would like to place an order for the contract manufacturing of PCB assembly, it is necessary to send the following information via e-mail:

  • the number of boards for mounting
  • board layout in any format
  • specification for electronic components
  • assembly drawing board
  • specific installation requirements
  • The date of execution
  • samples and pictures possible
  • full details of the organization

You must specify all the information for each component, as well as their exact number.

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