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Finished products


Taiwan electronics manufacturer Pacific Microelectronics already for several years offers Russian customers services of complex contract manufacturing of electronics in Southeast Asia.

Our company both in Taiwan and in Russia has all necessary manufacturing facilities, highly qualified and trained personnel to fulfill orders of any size and complexity at the highest level. Performing contract manufacturing, we strictly control quality of orders at all stages. A well-established manufacturing process, optimization of manufacturing costs, as well as many years' experience allow us to produce high quality products at a reasonable price.

Contract manufacturing of electronics is a high-performance process providing cost-effective manufacturing of products with a high level of complexity that meets international quality standards. Our company basing on extensive experience in conditions of fierce competition fulfills all tasks: manufacturing of printed circuit boards, purchase of electronic components, mounting, manufacturing of cases, testing and final assembling of the products. We can carry out both small and large orders for contract manufacturing. In this case, our customers deal with one manufacturing company which guarantees them timely delivery of only high quality and reliable products. Modern equipment fleet allows the company to carry out installation of all components existing on the commercial market.

Pacific Microelectronics performs:

  • surface and three-dimensional mounting;
  • installation of elements in Flip-Chip and BGA packages;
  • installation of indicators on adhesive substrate;
  • installation of non-standard electronic components;
  • fabrication and installation of film keyboards, flat cables, nylon loops;
  • coating and varnishing of assemblies with protective compounds;
  • installation of electronic components in plastic packages;
  • programming and testing of modules.

Each client is supported by a personal manager. He is always in touch with the client and discusses all manufacturing issues. We provide an individual approach to each client. First, we agree on the documentation, volumes, terms of orders and delivery of finished products, as well as price and terms of payment. If you need to reduce prime cost of the products, qualified managers in Russian offices of Pacific Microelectronics can perform a fast and efficient search for analogues of deficit and domestic components.

Cost of order

Cost of order for contract assembling depends on several factors. This is primarily volume, conditions, history of cooperation. In this case, the order is executed entirely by resources of one company: this significantly reduces its cost and thus saves your costs.

To estimate cost of the contract manufacturing of your product in our company you should send us the following information in any way convenient for you:

  • number of products;
  • list of components mounted on the board (specification);
  • drawing of the package and board;
  • PCB topology (in any format);
  • conditions of functional testing.