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Multilayer PCBs


Pacific Microelectronics produces multi-layer printed circuit boards (MPCB) with high density of interconnections.  

In manufacturing and quality control of MPCB we use only high-precision modern equipment.

We produce a wide range of MPCB differing in size, form factor, number of layers, etc. We are constantly improving our manufacturing technologies using only high quality materials and work stock.



Cooperation with us directly as the manufacturer is a guarantee of quality and the shortest terms of manufacturing and delivery of MPCB.

MPCB of this type consist of alternating layers of dielectric and copper foil. All MPCB layers are functionally separated. The outer layers are designed for installation of electronic components, and the inner layers may be signal or power layers.

Manufacturing of MPCB to order in Pacific Microelectronics is performed on favorable conditions for you due to high capacity of our manufacturing lines.