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Production possibilities



Modern production company Pacific Microelectronics Inc. (Taiwan) produces printed circuit boards in accordance with standard IPC 6012.

The table shows the key features that are provided by the company. The data on printed circuit boards, on materials and technologies used for their production.


Number of layers





multilayer printed circuit boards from 4 to 28 layers


FR-2, FR-4, CEM-1, FR-4 High TG, PI, PTFE, PPO, Rogers, Taconic  etc.

The width of the conductor

minimum 0.1 mm

The distance between adjacent tracks

minimum 0.1 mm

The distance between adjacent elements of the printed circuit

minimum 0.1 mm

The diameter of the vias

minimum 0.1 mm

Standard thickness of the copper foil

18 microns


35 microns


hot tin HAL thickness of 15 ~ 20 mm


Immersion Ni-Au plating thickness of 5 m (Ni) + 0.1 m (Au)


electroplated Ni-Au plating thickness of 5 m (Ni) + 1 microns (Au)


immersion tin


carboxylic paste application


gilding slats


liquid fotoproyavlyaemaya different colors (green, blue, red, yellow, black, etc.).

Backlash mask Playground

0,1 mm

The thickness of the screen printing line

minimum 0.1 mm

Processing PCB contour






Precision processing circuit

- 0,1mm

Possible thickness of FR4 material

0,3 mm


0,5 mm


0,8 mm


1,0 mm - standard


1,5 mm - standard


1,6 mm - standard


2,0 mm

The maximum workpiece size

for single-sided and double-sided printed circuit boards 550 mm x 550 mm


for multilayer printed circuit board of 460 mm x 508 mm

Quality control

electric control adapter (adapter e-test)


electric control a flying probe (flying probe e-test)


optical inspection (A.O.I.)

The received file format


Additional features production

Production of multi-layer printed circuit board with blind and hidden vias


Production of printed circuit boards with metal base


Production of printed circuit boards of high-frequency, high-temperature materials


Production of flexible printed circuit boards


The company Pacific Microelectronics Inc is one of the largest production companies for the production of printed circuit boards and electronic modules in Southeast Asia. Monthly production is available on more than 6 million square decimeters PP. Installation machines have a capacity of more than 1.5 million components hourly. We use automatic installers DIP-components and advanced soldering equipment of the highest quality.

Production capacity of Pacific Microelectronics allow to produce printed circuit boards in the high-frequency and high-temperature materials, such as the FR-2, FR-4, CEM-1, FR-4 High TG, PI, PTFE, PPO, Rogers, Taconic. We produce flex-rigid and flexible printed circuit boards, produce boards on metal substrates, multilayer boards with hidden and blind vias.

Production capacities of the company allow standard fabrication and manufacture of extended type. In the main company produced standard products. Specialized products are manufactured in certain production areas. Our company takes orders for the production of printed circuit boards and electronic products on the documentation provided by the customer.

One-sided printed circuit board can have a maximum size of 550h550 mm, double-sided and multilayer boards - 460x508 mm. 

Cooperating with producers and warehouses of electronic components directly, we can carry out a complete set of components in the shortest possible time.

Advantages of ordering of printed circuit boards at Pacific Microelectronics:

  • Consistently high quality printed circuit boards manufactured in a single production.
  • Compliance with terms of manufacturing and delivery.
  • Strict adherence to all technological requirements, control of the production process.
  • Confidentiality.