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Pacific Microelectronics carries out a strict multi-stage quality control of board assembling that allows virtually to eliminate possibility of spoilage.

Our major clients are leading electronics manufacturers from Japan and the United States. So, we should comply with strict requirements of quality control, otherwise we will not be able to survive in the competition for foreign orders. Our principle - no one defective board to the consumer!

PCB mounting quality guarantee

Our company is certified according to ISO 9001 standard, all the products are certified according to UL international electrical safety standard and declared as complying with JIS Japanese quality standard.

All incoming completing units are tested at the stage of acceptance. Unlike some of our Russian competitors who are out of breath due to surplus of orders and buy completing units anywhere, we perform a careful selection of manufacturers of radioelectronic components. Pacific Microelectronics Inc. does not use counterfeit, parts of unknown origin, expired and non-standard components. We acquire electronic components from only known and trusted manufacturers with which we support long-term labor relations.

At the section of deposition of solder pastes and adhesives we use screen printing machines with the function of optical quality control of the deposited layer. It controls not only accuracy of getting contact pads but uniformity of the deposited layer.

Modern machines have functions of recognition of type and quality of supplied items (by appearance of package, presence of bent and broken leads, package marking) that eliminates installation of broken or wrong components at the stage of installation of SMD-elements. System of laser detection provides correction of position of the element on suction cup of SMD-machine that excludes inaccuracy of element's positioning on contact pad or its installing with a wrong polarity.

Upon installation of SMD-elements, the mounted board gets optical control machine which checks correctness of positions and types of the installed components using technical assignment.

Short circuit and breakage of wires are also checked. If the client provided a testing program, functional testing is carried out including check of all elements, connectors, and indicators.

Upon passing all stages of quality control, the assembled boards get packing stage where a reliable protection against external impacts is provided using the best packaging and antistatic materials. Our printed circuit boards sustain delivery by all kinds of transport at any distance in the most extreme conditions. Even in case of damage of external container its contents do not get wet or break.

PCB quality assurance

Quality control is one of the main tasks which sets itself Pacific Microelectronics for each order, whether it's PCB, contract assembling or complex manufacturing of finished products. Strict multistage control eliminates possibility of spoilage. Pacific Microelectronics is certified for compliance with ISO 9001: 2001 requirements.

All our factories operate a multilevel system of quality control of the products. The newest equipment allows to exclude the spoilage at the manufacturing stage, not at the subsequent check. The company operates a multilevel quality control system providing 100% optical and electrical control of the products.

Every stage of PCB manufacturing is followed by permanent quality control. Each PCB before leaving the conveyor passes electrotesting for finding short-circuits and breaks in the wires. All the boards are tested using special equipment. In case of non-recurring batches a flying probe testing and in case of recurring an adapter electrotesting is used. MPCB may be tested by X-ray control system.

In case of scribe splitting of a multiplicated board blank, depth, width and angle of the scribing are checked for compliance with established parameters. In case of mill splitting of the board, deviation of the mill's diameter from reference value is continuously controlled.

We guarantee you the highest quality of the products and bear full material responsibility for it. In case of finding of a spoilage, we pay full compensation or produce free of charge a new batch of printed circuit boards for replacement of the spoilage at your option.