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The activity of Pacific Microelectronics focuses on manufacturing of products which meet the needs of customers as much as possible.

Our customers are representatives of various market segments including:

  • power sector, power saving;
  • lighting (LED equipment);
  • security and access control systems (security and fire systems);
  • control and measuring equipment;
  • power electronics, electronics (manufacturing of electronic units);
  • telecommunications, wireless communications;
  • телекоммуникации, беспроводная связь;
  • retail shop equipment (cash registering equipment);
  • car electronics.

Among our customers there are companies whose activities are related to manufacturing of medical equipment, power accounting systems, industrial electronics, automatic systems for commercial accounting of power consumption, automatic process control systems. We provide a full range of services for manufacturing of any electronic products for companies manufacturing civil and special purpose products .

Printed circuit boards are some of the most important elements in electronics: just their quality determines characteristics of a device or system. Printed circuits on a flexible substrate are ordered for electronic devices based on rigid boards for replacement of cable connections (I do not understand the sentence at all). Antennas and inductance coils are made on the base of PCB.

Electric power sector requires metal based printed circuit boards used for products intended to dissipate the heat. LED technology uses materials with optical characteristics specifically optimized for this field.

Due to a complex approach, we are continually improve our operations and achieve better performance indices at all stages of the manufacturing process. The company employs advanced technologies and solutions to maximize customer satisfaction. We guarantee timing of orders, high productivity and quality in accordance with Russian and international standards.


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